Rwanda: 20 years after

neer again 2

“My mother and two little brothers were burned alive while trying to escape to Burundi. My older brother was stoned – they put the kids in a ditch and unloaded a truck full of stones onto them. My father was killed with a machete by our next-door neighbour. He’s an old guy now. I still see him whenever I go back to my home town. We exchange hellos.

I’m the only survivor. I survived because I was living with my grandparents at that time.”

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10 essential travel items (and 10 useless ones)

What do you always pack when you travel? When I travel for business, I just throw in whatever takes my fancy into my largest suitcase, knowing that someone else will carry that suitcase for me. For backpacking, I carefully examine every item before putting it in my bag. But some items invariably make their way into my luggage no matter where I go and how I travel.

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