Olympia Adventure Travel Show: thoughts on travelling, blogging and living a life of Adventure


I spent the penultimate weekend of January at Kensington Olympia attending the massive annual Adventure Travel Show. It is essentially an exhibition where travel agencies large and small as well as tourism boards showcase their services, but what interested me most were the specials: talks, seminars and the Adventure Film Festival.

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One year of travel blogging

January is not over yet, so I can still say Happy New Year!

This month marks the first anniversary of my travel blog. I may not have millions of readers, but writing brings me joy and over the past months I’ve received lots of positive feedback from friends and strangers. Looking back at the past year, I can tell with confidence it has been a rich and fulfilling one. I have travelled to 15* countries, which has resulted in 29 blog posts. Below is a brief overview of the highlights of 2015.

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Airports: A space outside space, a time outside time

 The clock says it is 7 am here in Nairobi, but according to my body clock it is 4 am. I’m sitting in the new terminal of Kenyatta International Airport sipping coffee and feeling pleased with myself: it is my fifth time at Nairobi airport and I’ve figured out how to take a shower. Here is how: you need to find the barber on the second floor of the new terminal and pay 20 USD. Not cheap, I know, but I’m sweaty and on expenses, so I don’t really care. 

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